About Try & Hire

Try & Hire

In their search for a new permanent employee, companies often opt for a Try & Hire scheme. —a temp-to-perm agreement. You—as well as the company—will have an opportunity to size each other up—professionally speaking—and to see if there is good chemistry.

A Try & Hire scheme typically lasts for 12 weeks during which you are paid by Jysk Vikarservice A/S which will also take care of all the admin. Upon completion, the company will be free to hire you in a permanent position.

Before you can start a Try & Hire scheme, we will call you in for a mandatory interview to learn about your strong points and your personality. To qualify, you cannot have a criminal record, and you must bring along a reference from a previous employer. Remember that when we recommend you to one of our clients, we guarantee that you can do the job to everyone’s satisfaction.

In return, you do not have to write an application for a permanent position.

We post vacancies for temporary and permanent positions on our website, so keep up to date!