So, what do you do?

This question is a common conversation starter. It is as if we only define each other by what we do. The question is easy to answer if you love your job, but a little harder to answer if you are between jobs, if you have been made redundant, or if you are a recent graduate yet to find your first job.

Work is a big part of life, so you need to think carefully about what it is that makes you happy.

Work as a temp with Jysk Vikarservice offers you an opportunity to try out a variety of tasks. You will develop your social and professional skills as well as see and experience the working environment in a variety of companies.

A temporary job can often lead to a permanent job. This happens to many of our talented temporary workers. It can also happen to you.

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Find the most frequently asked questions about temporary work here.

"If you really want to work, there’s plenty of work to be had 🙂"

Lisbeth – Temporary worker

"Friendly and welcoming staff"

Christina – Temporary worker

"If you are looking for a temporary jobs this place is to search for"

Ishan – Temporary worker

"They keep to the arrangement, and they’re very good at telling me about the temp jobs I’ll be sent out to do."

Hanne – Temporary worker