Temp solution

Temp solution

Do you have an urgent need for a temporary worker due to illness, holidays or extra workload in your company?

Jysk Vikarservice offer temporary workers from day to day in most industries. When it comes to administrative staff, it may take a little longer as they are in short supply and, therefore, a little harder to find. Rest assured! We will find them—just not overnight. A little patience is all that is required.

We know the job market, and you are always welcome to enquire about temporary staff for your current staffing level.

Temps can be hired for a single day or for a longer period of time. You decide on the time and place. If required, you can always extend the temporary work period.
As temporary work is often extended, it is a good idea to plan with a longer period of time to begin with. This way you can be sure to keep the same temp if the job drags on.

None of our temps have a criminal record. They have all been interviewed by us, and we have obtained relevant references from previous employment.

While the temp is working for you, we take care of all the admin. This way you can concentrate on your main tasks.

Our booking system makes it easy to digitally approve the temp’s hours—and you avoid spending time signing timesheets.


Jakob Roholt
Account Manager

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Account Manager


Gitte Sørensen
Recruitment specialist

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Recruitment specialist

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